Exploring game and natural life with the Stealth Cam Prowler HD Digital Trail Camera has never been further developed. Secrecy Cam’s Prowler HD Digital Video Scouting Recorder with highlights full HD video film recording just as a 8Mb Still camera. The gadget likewise stamps time/date/moon stage and temperature on each record to give priceless field data. Just as recording video and stills the Prowler records full sound. With 54 infrared producers, the Prowler HD can catch night pictures and subjects out to 40 feet. It has customizable video recording times. From five seconds to five minutes direct the camera so it is confronting the zone you wish to cover with the IR. Abstain from putting the camera towards a rising or setting sun as it can cause overexposure of the shots.

suitable bags

The Stealth Cam Prowler comes in the case with a belt lash, directions and an information move lead. You will require 6 average quality C cell batteries, and a SD memory card which you can buy a 4 Gig one for about £7.00. Running the camera at full goal with a 4 GB card will offer you 1600 high res 3400×2550 despite everything chances or 112 HD video cuts and check for the Camera harness. It is suggested that you mount the camera 5ft starting from the earliest stage the focal point pointing at a slight descending edge. Be cautious about the rising sun and position your camera with the goal that it is confronting North or South, and away from foliage from before the focal point. Feed the lash through the camera, there is two waist bands on the rear of the gadget and wrap the ties cycle a tree or post yet don’t fix them right now.

Slide the camera to the side of the tree, and glance through the viewfinder at the head of the camera to check the zone the focal point will cover. At the point when upbeat straighten out the lashes, and lock the belt through the clasp to make a tight fit. For little ground game a wooden wedge put at the head of the camera will make the focal point towards the ground more, making the progress region better. When you are content with the cameras situating, open up the camera body, and turn the camera on. Press the Test button, the camera will at that point enter a brief commencement mode, time enough to leave the inclusion region. Stroll through your pointed catch zone, guaranteeing that the PIR gets your quality; this is demonstrated by a green LED lighting up.